About Undead Development

Undead Development is a virtual reality game built for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Explore different environments and scavenge for supplies, weapons, and ammo. Choose a base to defend and start boarding up any openings with the hammer tool. Break apart furniture and use the pieces to wall up your new home. The undead horde will soon put your construction skills to the test. See how long you can last with short breaks to rebuild and scavenge again.

Press Kit

Download the demo at Itch.io

About Development

Undead Development is being developed solely by me, LadrikDev. Following a well-received demo release of Undead Development, I began working full time on the project. The game has now released in Early Access on Steam. I am continuing to grow and improve the game while following community feedback. I encourage anyone interested in the game to let me know your thoughts on the steam community forums.

Media Assets

Press kit

http://imgur.com/a/Z4pmk (logo and screenshots)